C’mon, we can’t pretend to define ourselves
but if you insist – This is us 1N A NUTT5H311:

Storchi is a 4-piece instrumental rock/metal band from Kibbutz Cabri, Israel. The band is consisting of the good ol’ trinity of bass-drums-guitar rhythm section plus a “flute vocalist” who also has a riffy, metallic instrumentation. We combine a platter of inspirations, mainly from our local middle-eastern rock scene, prog classics and even death metal.

Storchi was founded in January 2017 by Danielle Sassi, Amit Fortus and Noam Arbel, under the name “Merakey”. Together with Bassist Maor Ben Haroush and keyboardist Gaia Heichal they released two singles. Afterwards, Gaia, Maor and Amit decided to leave the band, and the new lineup includes Shachar Sasson as bassist and Itay Carmeli as guitarist. Once they joined the band, it started performing extensively across Israel.

In August 2018 we started working on their debut album “OUTSIDE”, to be released worldwide during Fall 2019.

The Members

Danielle Sassi



Danielle is 17 years old, born in 2001 and raised between the urbanite center and the mountainous western areas of Israel. Though her classical background and jazz Studies in Rimon School, the most professional music academy in Israel, Danielle’s composition and playing style is mainly influenced by the progressive rock legend Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Animals as Leaders, Orphaned Land, Death and NeObliviscaris. She invented her own “metallic” technique and sound, for these she’s well known in the Israeli metal & prog scene. Except for the traverso flute, Danielle plays lots of ethnic flutes, including Ney, Bansuri, Shakohachi, Dizi, Aulos, Pan flute and some more weird woodwind instruments.

In addition to her work in the band, Danielle is a part of Yossi Sassi’s Oriental Rock Orchestra. As an orchestra member she got to work with musicians like Bumblefoot (ex- Gun’s ‘n’ Roses) & Ross Jennings (Haken), and to record oversea.

She also likes numbers, history, chocolate and Chuck Schuldiner.

Itay Carmeli



Itay is a 16 year old Guitar player based in the central urban area of Israel. Itay is heavily influenced in his playing and creation by artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, KNOWER, Snarky Puppy, Jimi Hendrix, TATRAN, Scott Henderson, Pink Floyd, Paul Gilbert and Thundercat to name a few. Itay mixes all of these influnces into his own unique sound and technique.
Most of the time, Itay plays a Chapman Baritone Electric Guitar, creating a uniquely fat, aggressive, focused sound that makes room for the flute to shine and steps into Bass territory.
In addition to playing the guitars in the band, Itay also writes the strings parts.
Itay also likes Memes, Instant Noodles (even though it’s bad for him), Bojack Horseman, and arguing with other band members about music theory.

Shachar Sasson



Shachar is 17 years old, born and raised in Herzliya. His music knowledge and compositions are mainly influenced by modern jazz / fusion music and musicians like: Jaco Pastorius, Tigran Hamasyan, Victor Wooten, Tim Miller and Allan Holdsworth, & by progressive rock/metal bands (Dream Theater, Camel, Animals as leaders).
In his playing he Emphasizes groove and time, chords, slap technique and tone.
His aspires to reach his listeners by sharing his feelings in the best way he has to do it – playing bass and composing.

Noam Arbel


Noam is probably one of the most interesting drummers Israel has to offer (He would never say it’s true, just as expected from a great drummer). He is 19 years old, Born and Raised in Kibbuutz Cabri, a little settlement close to the border with Lebanon. He studied in Rimon Music School, and His family have always been into music, and includes some active musicians in the Israeli Classical music & Indie scene.

Noam is strongly influened by the jazz drummers Mark Julianna and Yogev Gabay. More of his  Influences are Meshuggah & Lots of Electronic music and Rap artists. This exotic influences combination lead him to create a diverse and unique playing style, one that’s truly connected to all melodys and parts and not only to the groove and the bass lines.